Hint, HINT!!!

Hey lover, how are you?… happy new year🎉🎉🎉… oh yes I know it’s already February but anywho, it’s still the new year and I’m still feeling fresh plus I haven’t been here since last year. I know you’ve missed me… I’ve missed you too. So this wasn’t the plan. Honestly. I was meant to do […]

Let wrap this year up boo😄🎉

Hey… gosh it’s been an eventful and worthwhile holiday period. I’ve had mad fun, met people, rekindled relationships, bonded with people, met the most amazing people, amongst other things. I’m so blessed this Christmas, just thanking God so much but that’s just been one part of my year. Yes it’s that time of year again […]

I forgot to tell myself, Happy birthday ;)

Who missed me????… Oh I know you did ;). Well while I have not been here I was away adding another year to my life. Oh yes I had a birthday. The 7th of september to be exact. If anyone knows me well then you know I hype birthdays for nothing. So yes I hyped […]