I’m coming out of the closet 😆😆

Hello lovers… this is not really a much planned post but who cares right? ?
By the way my summer is over :'(:'(:'(… sigh…
Anywho guess what’s up with me? I’m releasing my writings to the public, and by writings I mean Poems. Okay I know it doesn’t seem like such a big deal to you but let me explain that it’s a huge deal to me. I’ve written poems for as long as I remember but I never ever showed anyone… my writings meant so much to me and so it scared me to let people see them for reasons like what if people didn’t like them?  And what if they read my thoughts?… hmmmn have I mentioned how blessedly shy I am… but guess who’s getting bolder by the day?
As the years went by one human made me her business and bugged me untill I finally pulled out a poem for her (after she bullied me into singing my songs for her), God bless you where ever you are right now 🙏🙏, anywho one poem turned into two and soon they spewed out of my mouth too. Years later the process repeated itself with another someone and he would even make me explain them. To cut the long story short this second someone made me think I had something worth putting out there so here I am after months of gathering momentum 😁😁 ready to post my poems. Have I already mentioned this is a big deal to me?
Well I don’t expect you to be impressed but I hope you find something pleasing to your eyes and mind as you read them as they come. For now here’s one titled I LEARNT A LESSON…

I learnt a lesson
I learnt two
I learnt good things sometimes turn out blue 
I learnt one and one mostly equals two
But one sometimes, when the exception is you

I learnt a lesson 
I learnt three
I learnt that sometimes wishes aren’t meant to be 
I learnt the world could turn around for me
I learnt sometimes me has to be we

I learnt a lesson 
I learnt four
I learnt that some days you need to ask for more
I learnt that there are moments that hit you at the core
I learnt that there are mornings we wake up sore

I learnt a lesson
I learnt five
I learn it makes one happy to dance a jive 
I learnt that instances make one alive
I learnt that that is the feeling we try to revive.

Patsy Pasom Mokungah ‎
@_pahtcee ‎

Watch this space for more…

God hasn’t given me the spirit of fear but one of power , love, and a sound mind….

But Lord I’m scared: temporary pain

Hello,  hope you had a great week… mine was long and beautiful.
Cutting right to the point I plan to do a mini series on fear. Hoping in the process to learn more about it and share whatever it is I learn with you guys. I hope it spans out well.    
So today it’s something about temporary pain and fear. Recently I had the chance to be with my nephew while he was undergoing treatment at the hospital. I think it’s good to note that I cannot in anyway stand seeing anyone in pain, worse someone I love, and gosh do I love this little boy. Seeing him in pain simply stripped my of my ability to think straight and shed  a whole new light on the word empathy for me cause I felt that pain in my bone marrow and beyond. There and then I decided I cannot hold my kids down for any medical treatment  that involved them feeling pain because it might drain me of everything and my brother kept on laughing at me. I couldn’t help but wonder how he could hold down his own son while the boy wailed cause someone was about to break the surface of the boy’s  skin with a sharp object. His simple explanation was that he’d much rather endure the boy crying for this temporary  pain to get better than letting him nurse the problem and encounter a bigger and  more painful experience. I thought about it for a while and it reminded me of something I had just done recently  that led to bigger pain. I enjoyed something  I should have stopped for a short while and it led to me loosing something much bigger. Worse off was the fact that I didn’t stop it cause of fear… well hello fear.
Fear has been such a familiar friend to me over the years… talk about limiting, it just stops you for nothing. Really absolutely nothing. You know when they say fear is false appearance looking real, they meant serious business…
Whoever ‘they’ might be… just keep in mind that it is false and it is going to appear very real, most times because we cannot see the reality of the future,  even in those few moments when reason tells you this might just end up badly but just a little endurance might change it for the better.
Fear has a way of making you very comfortable with temporary pleasure… it is simply initial gra gra as I choose to call it. You may want to wonder how it does this,  that’s simple,  it looks for the surest way to negate your faith and pulls out all false appearances. It takes the blessed time to find a comfortable spot in your emotions and then exergerates the situation just enough to cause doubt… you know, the how can I not do it? Am I sure there will be a tomorrow? But I feel this way now? But I need to secure this thing now or else? And my personal favourite… what would people say? Somehow it all lands with “let me
Just do it”. *sigh*. Allow me to pause here and tell you that YOUR EMOTIONS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING,  at least anything of importance. Ever heard of the Esau syndrome? No? Check somewhere in  Hebrews 12: 16 -17. This is but but a shade of it. That poor guy let his emotions tell him that if he did not eat now like this… all hell will break loose and that meant it was worth sacrificing anything… ANYTHING fa… guess what he’s anything turned out to be? Alot of the time we have no idea what our “anything” might turn out to be and a lot of the time it ends up to be something of value, in fact a lot of the time it turns out to be that “anything” we were trying to keep in the first place. So we enjoy the now, the initial pleasure.
Almost in every aspect in life we are taught that little sacrifices today make tomorrow a much better place… go to school today, save a little today, don’t drink today, don’t do drugs today, hold body today, pray a little today for tomorrow to be better, but we can trust our emotions to question reason,  my worst question is that what if you don’t have tomorrow? Please what happens if you do?  And what happens if tomorrow comes and you lost anyway? … don’t believe that false appearance, ask God what is real and real often takes patience and discipline, it often takes us clearing our heads and seeing the situation for what it is and not what we feel it is.
Today I ask you what that temporary pleasure is and why you are afraid to let it go? Don’t let fear cheat you out of a future, more permanent pleasure. A little patience never hurt no one.

Hey future baby,
I promise to hold you down for that doctors appointment.
Even if I shed a tear or two.
I hope it be vaccines and not medicine. You might cry too
but it’s only cause mummy loves you…

To obey is better than sacrifice
– 1 Samuel 15:22

I too have a genie:)

Holy spirit
He is a spirit quite alright, a supreme being, allow me to say “my genie”
If you watched the cartoon Aladdin i’m sure we can relate well with this.
My genie doesn’t grant just 3 wishes, the list of what he can do is endless. He is our supplier from heaven. He’s all powerful and awesome, you see my Genie doesn’t live in a golden lamp, instead he lives in our heart, remember when God breathed in us, he’s been there since then and even time before. You don’t summon my Genie by rubbing the lamp, he is everywhere and the best part is he reveals unknown things to us
My Genie fights every zafar(enemy) without your approval, He gives us this really beautiful magic carpet( that’s his power and inspiration in us) so we can move from place to place unharmed and with ease. Protects our Abu(friends) and raise us up to high places where we are able to wine and dine with sultan( kings)
Our Genie is faithful, he wouldn’t need you to set him free, you actually need him to be truly free from sin, he is aswonderful

free can be. Our Genie ( the holy spirit) will give us all of our heart’s desire( jasmine). Genie will not turn against you and even when we as humans tend to fall short sometimes, he will wait patiently, he is very patient too, he won’t revenge or try to turn on us by settling with the enemy.
Our genie, the holy spirit is pure, holy, faithful, meek, mighty, and all you need do is trust him and love him in a really special way, not the way you love your parents or lovers and so on but a love that you can’t get enough of, the I can’t breath without you kind of love
He takes care of hidden things but the revealed things he gives us to comprehend or understand he let’s us handle it, he doesn’t overpamper, he strengthens us, Deuteronomy 29:29 confirms this
Our genie teaches us the true way to love, the love of God as seen in Ephesians 5:1-2
And finally the holy spirit, my genie………reveals what and who we truly are to us as seen in John 1:13
Its really not so hard to receive the holy spirit, the apostles and disciples delayed in receiving because they didn’t realize it so to say and they sort of wanted a very dramatic something, I mean Jesus breathed in them in John 20:22, but they didn’t receive believe enough to harness the power until Acts 2…..it really doesn’t have to be dramatic……just call on Him with all your heart, he’s closer than you think and he’s readily available for all who want him…..He is gentle and wouldn’t need you to start gesticulating for you to know that he’s with you and in you…..He is peaceful and wonderful
I pray that as we open our minds and hearts to him, he’ll come into our lives and settle and begin to oversee every single affair of our lives in Jesus name. Amen
#thinkingoutloud……Holy spirit, my Genie…

By Olayinka Ali http://www.olayinkaaliblog.wordpress.com check it out…

Please Practise the act of judging 😐😑😶

Hey you, something occurred to me and i thought, ‘I should put this down’. So I’m dropping it here for we.
So about this life we live, God knew about all our many little struggles so he placed a lot of reminders here and there in the bible amongst which is the famous do not judge reminder. Every single day of our lives we get multiple opportunities to judge people time and again. Like the chances just abound; at the workplace, school, home, church, social gatherings, etc, and it is pretty sad that the devil can be confident in the fact that we would always indulge.
I wonder what it would do to us if we where able to hear people judge us on a continuous basis. I like to imagine the many walls of self defence we would so effortlessly erect, the dwindling of our painfully put together self esteem, the pile of negative energy we would put into counter judgements and the not so stainless competition to be the better one that would erupt.  It would be epic yes?, most of all I believe it would make some people step up and be better but worse off it will fill us with so much shame for all our acts.              
Should you not be ashamed for a bad act? Of course you should… I mean what’s your conscience doing there but let’s not loose focus. What drew my attention to this topic is the very negative effect it tends to have on our attempts at evangelism. I mean the very direct negative effects that happen after we have gone out there to propagate the gospel and the Lord blesses our effort and the kingdom of God is further expanded ie people give their lives to Christ. After this happens, of course we all have sinned (and are still sinning) and have fallen short of the glory so of course our new converts have their old skeletons in the closet and while the church tries to build these people’s
Faith and what not there is always the effective act of those who can’t help but be judgemental to negate all these efforts. You know now, those people in the congregation whispering “what is that one doing in church, she can’t even claim Christian oh. I know her story” and “you mean he is a church worker, that’s hypocrisy. I know him as a womaniser” and so on and so forth. Then they just in the long run help in pushing these people right back to where they came from or for those who have fighting power, being in the church now becomes a fighting to survive experience. That’s pretty sad.
The saddest thing is most times we have logs in our own eyes. I believe if we mind our business most times we would be more likely to eradicate this happening.  And by mind our business I mean pay mind to our business, like really practise the act of judging, on ourselves Evaluate ourselves and remove all the non positive things we find. This should help us and even the people around us cause they would have less to judge you know. So its a win win situation. I mean isn’t the thought already appealing to you?
Let me just stop here and go start minding my own business… have a great week.

Let no one despise your youth; instead,  you should be an example to the believers in speech,  in conduct,  in love,  in faith,  in purity.
-1 Timothy 4:12

Welcoming the Summer…

Hello readers, guess who’s back?. I totally missed you all too. been a while. in that ling while i was busy having that busy semester i talked about in my last post. Gosh it was eventful. So much so i didn’t know when the months flew by and it was vacation already, but it was something of a beautiful semester. The activities where wonderful and the downsides worked together for my good. I cant begin to pen them all down cause God knows i won’t be able to really remember everything but where gist falls i would drop it.

I keep praying to become a more diligent blogger but life and my laziness seem to stand firmly in the way, but i seriously strive for repentance. Asides all that the summer (although we all know there is barely any such thing as a summer in Nigeria) has begun in full swing for me and due to unforeseen circumstances I’m already almost a week behind minor plans. By his grace i would catch up soon.

Well here is to welcoming a summer that seems to be bursting over the seams with things to accomplish already. I hope to keep us all well informed… oh yes I am doing my chambers attachment and it turned out to not be all I hoped but I have a feeling what it is much better than what I had hoped for. WATCH OUT for my next two posts. they are well overdue and i hope they bless you all. See you soon.

My Ultimate Primer😗

But no my blog can’t be having cobwebs like this😣… well in the spirit of self defence my semester has been hectic so far but I plan (seriously) on stepping up my game. So pray for me🙏. Thank you.

So a little while back my friend led me into the discovery of this primer that keeps your makeup in check for like forever, by the way a makeup primer is meant to keep your makeup on longer and help it withstand well, all natural and artificial elements that are bound to come at you like sweat.

For wandering females it’s the famous Milk of Magnesia. That thing conquered my oily face and particularly my nose (trust me this is the best reference you can get). Yes it’s bad like that. But that’s not the issue here. The issue is the fact that my primer tends to remind me of God.

The thing I came to notice that the primer isn’t necessarily magic, it doesn’t take the oil on your face away, it doesn’t even stop your face from producing oil, it kinda just contains it.

Whenever I wear my primer and then slap a whole face of makeup on it I go out knowing that my face is gonna look matte for practically the whole day but then I feel my facial pores producing oil underneath my foundation and I begin to worry about whether or not I look like a pot of oil just yet.  I mean it doesn’t matter that this primer has helped my makeup withstand oil before, or bothering amounts of sweat due to unbearable heat on other days, I’m still gonna doubt it until I can snap a mirror out of somewhere and calm my nerves with the realisation that my makeup looks almost a good as it did when I put down my powder brush.

I mean I never have a reason to doubt, but as long as I’m not constantly looking at my face in a reflecting object I’m gonna worry about its tendency to get oily and doubt my primer.

Don’t I just remind you of all of us in our daily lives, always doubting God’s ability to hold it all together even tho we think or feel like it’s all falling apart?. I mean, God is not about to let you down. The fact that you can’t see the bigger picture right now doesn’t mean anything is wrong although it feels that way. I     mean just like the primer, having faith in God does not mean that the problems won’t show up, or that they will automatically dissappear if they do, but it simply means that even when they do God will hold everything together and at the end it will all work out for your good.

Remember all those times he held it together before?, why on earth do you fathom he will fail you on this particular day, at this particular moment, situation, for this very problem?. He simply won’t. He hasn’t been proven to fail, he simply can’t.

So just like me, trust that after that very long day, the smiles, oil, sun, sweat, hugs, shoves, brushes, and all of that,

When you finally stumble into your bedroom all tired and what not. When you look into the mirror, your makeup is gonna look good. Maybe not as fresh as it was at the beginning of the day, but beautiful all the same…

Make God your life’s primer, build all on him, then trust him to hold it all together cause he sure will.

I’m making pulpits everyone…..🎉

Good day everyone. Hope you had a lovely weekend cause I did. Spent my Saturday with a couple of friends and had a wonderful time and then had an amazing time at choir practice too. I learnt about self evaluation in church on Sunday and slept the rest of the day… We all know that Sunday sleep is d ish!!!!! 😉
So growing up my mum always told me that my dad always used to say that if no one gave u a pulpit, create one for yourself. With that one statement always being reported I watched my mum create opportunities for herself and accomplish goals. The message never really went home with me though, I always waited for opportunities before I tried anything. Little did I know how much I limited myself.
A lot of you out there happen to be just like me, waiting for that opportunity, that big break, that someone to offer u that option or that someone to push you. Why can’t that someone simply be you?. Over a period of time I have learnt that the world will not wait for you at all, it’s moving on and it’s moving fast and it needs your ideas. My big sis used to say to me that ideas fly from one brain to another so if by any chance I was imagining I was the only one with a particular idea I am just dulling myself, it would appear somewhere else very soon if I did nothing with it. I have seen that she is right. Just like the fig tree in the bible if God gives you an appointed time to bear fruit and if you don’t you may just be cursed to wither or like a vine be cut off or even have that talent u hid collected and given to another person (see, I told u ideas move). Therefore stop sitting down and waiting, stand up and create an opportunity for yourself, do something with all those gifts sitting on the inside of you. Don’t leave yourself at the “he/she has potential” stage. It’s simply not good enough. Someone will tell me that they don’t have any ideas, we’ll trust me there’s someone out there who only knows how to think and can’t carry them out, go and find that someone, they are literally everywhere in the world. It’s time for me and you to takeover, I must leave my footprints in d sands of time, engrave my name on hearts and leave em screaming “God sha used that girl though”, how about you?…
So while you’re out screaming God please use me, I need you to know he always had you equipped such such a time as that, all that stuff you are able to do, yea, he just needed you to be willing, now get up and go create a pulpit and preach the gospel, by way of actions, fun stuff, starting a blog, volunteering for that thing you have the ability to do, telling that person how to do it better, taking that solo, starting that club, hosting that event, just start and watch God take you to places you never dreamed of reaching.
Now go my babies go… And achieve them dreams 😁😁😁👏👏👏. See you sometime this week 💋


There’s nothing better than keeping your relationship with Christ brand new and alive… That’s basically how we get to let him be seen in us. Here’s yet another blog you should all check out….


Hi everyone, I’m olayinka…….I think that is all we should know for now, but then I’ve got something I’ll like to share with us. let us pray, Our father in heaven, how we love you, we thank you for this day, for your son and the for your word and for your understanding in us, and God we pray that you’ll bless us with this and what you are all about will be established and seen in us, in jesus name. Amen.

Now I know most of us have accepted Jesus as “our lord” and “personal saviour” right? yes and we claim to love him with all our hearts but I put it to us that we are decieving ourselves………how? you’ll like to ask, now let me explain , we were not forced into confessing jesus I believe, so if we say he is our lord, why do we still…

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Never Broken Enough!!!


Hi lovers… I should have done this post since, and well other posts but they are slowly aligning themselves for we ;).
Some weeks back I came across this amazing picture that explained a lot of things I have at one point or another tried to convince myself of- That being broken can be a good thing.
All of us are gonna be broken by something in this life time, some job experience, something you failed at, someone you lost, something that didn’t work out, people you disappointed or disappointed you, a broken heart, shattered trust, something you always seemed to fall short at achieving… It could be anything, but being broken by something is always a life altering experience. Oh yes its going to change your life forever whether you know it or not.
When these breaking experiences happen to us, most times we have no idea how to handle them because even if we saw them coming, no one told us the effect would be so bad or last so long and then we miss it. Miss it how you might ask, like this in particular; we spend all the time being focused on being broken and how we might never recover from it and how we can never be the same person ever again, and how we miss what we were and so on and so forth. Then we forget that its possible to be fixed which is what we should concentrate on in the first place.

Feeling broken is terrible and pretty messed up but I can tell u it doesn’t last forever unless u make it so. Once you accept the fact that you can be fixed then the question moves on to being the means by which you will get fixed. How you get fixed after being broken matters a lot because it makes u into the person whom u end up being.
The best way I know to get fixed is through Jesus and by the help of the holy spirit, after all he is the reason for which we are able to have hope. If he let you get there, trust me it was for a reason and he will surely bring you out of it whole and even better. Kinda like a broken vase being put back together with gold… You only become worth far much more than before.
There’s never a reason why the unfortunate events in our lives should get the best of us but there’s always a reason for getting up 8 times when we fell 7. And getting up better makes us worth more…
Also remember to thank God for the privilege to be broken, you may not see it now but it has its perks.


Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good
– Romans 12:21

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good
– Romans 12:21

Nothingness without Love

So here’s another very inspiring writer I know u want to check out… Go get your own blessing cause I got mine already… Have a blessed week 😘😘


Good morning ! 🙂
This is a little something I’ll like to share with us about love. 1corinthians 13:1-3.


I’ll like us to see LOVE as a doing word in this context, that is, a verb.
In essence, love will mean to speak with love, to correct with love, to preach with love, to sing with love, to chat with love … Every and anything should be done with and in love.
Yesterday, I realized how angry I was about some things and people in general. This anger that I had made me speak to such people with such meanness and lack of respect. I was angry I didn’t care if I was hurting anyone’s feelings with the way I spoke.
While I sat down fuming, the Holy Spirit brought this scripture to me, there and then I realized how foolish I have been.
Christ commanded us to Love. Not…

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