#TheChurch 1

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I’m pleased that you came back, and if this your first time here, I’m excited that you dropped by, feel free to take a look at my previous posts i believe they will bless you. I believe that as a people we have misunderstood the true meaning of the church…

the burning bush (series)

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Welcome! Thanks for stopping by today… I believe the previous post must have been a source of blessing, encouragement and/or an eye opener for you. Well, if you haven’t seen the previous post, check it out, share with your friends and make your comments. See you at the end of…

Its Time We Start Talking!

After I impatiently waited for my exams to end so I could blog my life away, they finally ended n three weeks or so have passed and I’m like OMG I have not written any thing *covers face*. Just let me save you my long and boring excuses and jejely apologise. I am sorry for […]

my addiction

People so today or tonight (depending on where you are, its night here) am gonna be spilling my beans on a very interesting topic: Addiction. The key question is this; what are you addicted to? Okay in 100 level I noticed something which is (in my fully blown out assumption) that among the things being […]

Good day people… Lets Talk!

So today I want to talk about relationships… DON’T SCROLL, its a little bit of not your normal talk and a little bit of normal. This is inspired by recent notifications on my part, of what happens in the day to day lives of people around me (on a general basis, I.e. including ppl I […]

Nigerian culture ( A sneak peak)

Okay, long time no reads… Well my phone had issues, and I’ve spent the last week attempting to revive it. We are almost there. Anyhow, today I just want to take some time off to appreciate Nigerian culture. Too bad I wasn’t born back in the day before the colonialists showed up. I absolutely love […]