I too have a genie:)

Holy spirit He is a spirit quite alright, a supreme being, allow me to say “my genie” If you watched the cartoon Aladdin i’m sure we can relate well with this. My genie doesn’t grant just 3 wishes, the list of what he can do is endless. He is our supplier from heaven. He’s all […]

My Ultimate Primer😗

But no my blog can’t be having cobwebs like this😣… well in the spirit of self defence my semester has been hectic so far but I plan (seriously) on stepping up my game. So pray for me🙏. Thank you. So a little while back my friend led me into the discovery of this primer that […]

Never Broken Enough!!!

Hi lovers… I should have done this post since, and well other posts but they are slowly aligning themselves for we ;). Some weeks back I came across this amazing picture that explained a lot of things I have at one point or another tried to convince myself of- That being broken can be a […]