No its not sweet 😑:?

Hello people. How are you doing?  I hope we’ve been having a good time like me? God has been really faithful. 

Let’s get on to business shall we? 

Quite a while back I remember traveling with my mum for a programme which she was invited to. During our stay there a couple came over to visit us with their toddler daughter. She was such a pretty young girl. While we all gisted and what not, she began to misbehave and upon her father correcting her a couple of times she would not at all stop what it was she was up to. Somewhere along the line her dad really got ticked off and proceeded to spank the little girl. Of course everyone else’s initial reaction was to try to console her and all of that but what makes me remember this incident in particular was the girls next reaction. After she started crying due to the spanking, she ran away from her dad to the opposite side of the room. While everyone’s arms were open with cajoling words for her to run into any one of them,  she did  a quick perusal of her options and then ran right back into her fathers arms. Of course he comforted her after reminding her not to misbehave again. Her reaction made my heart smile that day and every time I’ve remembered that incident since then. 

Hold that thought for me.

Now about the topic of this write up. I had cause to be reading my bible during the earlier parts of this year and over time a reflection of myself that I really didn’t like began to show itself in the pages of my bible. A certain part of my attitude was not at all what it should be and the word of God was calling me out, without even trying to be subtle about it. I can tell you for a fact that at that particular moment in time I didn’t like what I was reading. Suddenly the word of God wasn’t sweet again. I wasn’t reading it with a smile on my face. This was not the rhema I wanted. Ah ahn, kilode? (What is it) But I’ve behaved like this and this to people. I’ve been nice now. How can it be true? But there it was. In so many different places. The Holyspirit was cautioning me. I was not happy.

It’s not easy to hear that you have not been doing what is right. Let me spell it out well. It is not easy to hear that you are wrong. Especially in a place where you thought you were right in the first instance. E can pain!!! I don’t know if you’ve ever been there. When you told a lie just before evening service and Pastor decides to read that place in the bible that says God detests a lying tongue, or just when you decided not to return mummy’s change that uncle Christian brother sends a long bc describing the intricacies of honesty in our actions. Even that day when you finished running down one girl like that your devotional choses to use that passage about gossiping. But who still talks about gossiping these days when there is grace to preach about? The next move is usually defence, rationalisation, “I didn’t mean it that way”, “honestly my intentions where clean”. The hardest person to convince usually is ourselves. Because if your conscience is alive and sensitive to the spirit you will hear that gentle caution and in my personal experience at that very point in time, the word of God is anything but sweet to our taste. Most times the easiest thing to do then is to runaway from it. Denial. Tell ourselves we’re fine anyway. It is much harder to admit I’ve been wrong and Jesus is right. 

The truth of the matter is more times than not, given that we are imperfect individuals there’s always something to correct, and the only way to stay in the straight and narrow is to write the word of God upon our hearts until we become it. Easier said than done abi? I know. When it comes to character faults there’s having to let go of ourselves and let God work a new thing in our lives. More times than not it will even take a while. But the basis of this is even at times when the word of God may seem bitter it’s all for the good of you and I. Remember all the processes it takes for one to be purified as gold the way the bible says? You have to pass through the fire. Sometimes that fire is the word of God. The only way to know whether or not your makeup is on “fleek” before you leave the house is to look in the mirror and then ask your friend whether you look like a clown or not. Let us not be like a person who looks into the mirror and then looks away, forgetting our reflection almost immediately. That’s what we do when we don’t let the word change us. 

Now remember that baby girl at the beginning of all this, at that moment she ran back to her dad what came into my mind sitting in that room was Jesus saying that unless you be like a child you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. When the word of God scolds us and we feel pained the best place to run to is always back to that same word of God. It forever has the answers we need. You know why that girl ran back to her dad? She trusted him enough to know he still loved her, more than she trusted any one of us in the room. She had tried his love before I’m sure. The word of God is tried and tested. Do you trust it enough to change you?  

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