Hint, HINT!!!

Hey lover, how are you?… happy new year🎉🎉🎉… oh yes I know it’s already February but anywho, it’s still the new year and I’m still feeling fresh plus I haven’t been here since last year. I know you’ve missed me… I’ve missed you too.


So this wasn’t the plan. Honestly. I was meant to do a new years post and subsequent posts to follow that but here came the new year and I had some bad form of writers block. I litterally wasn’t able to write anything. Not even when I had a topic and an idea of what it should look like. This therefore made me late on a couple projects and a particular assignment. Sigh and did i mention the year started with exams as usual? But guess who’s mojo came back? Yass baby you’re reading her right now. So again happy new year:). Let’s begin🙏.
Regarding the background story to this post, in the last one week or so I have had chance to come across John 11 multiple times, you know that scripture that talks about lazarus’ death and where Jesus popularly wept, and on two particular occasions I had chance to learn from it. On one ocassion I opened that scripture again and a verse in particular was just there in my face and therefore we are here right now.
Okay, I want to try to imagine what Mary and Martha were going through in the event of their brothers death. I want to think their brother got sick, and then this sickness got worse. They must have tried medicine and prayer and whatnot and then ah, weren’t  they were friends with that powerful man called Jesus. Hadn’t he formed love and all that famz with their family? Oya now they sent message to their close friend to come over and help. I mean, he had healed people before who didn’t even ask or know him, he surely will cross 7 rivers and 7 seas for a close friend. But let us just guess who didn’t show up?. Then ghen ghen lazarus died, and a whole four days after, these sisters heard that said friend was on his way… please just pause here and think of what you would have felt had it been you. I like to think that when Martha heard he was on his way all that grief rose up and she went to meet him halfway and when she got there her words were simply something like “lord, if you had been here, my brother would
Not have died”. I don’t know if she shouted, or said those words between painful sobs as a matter of wistfulness or regret, or if she went so close as to whisper them, but for me those words conveyed so much emotion. When her sister finally got to see Jesus she told him the same thing. If only you were here. Even those who heard speculated and said the same thing, where was he while his beloved friend was dieing? These same sentences that so many of us have said in so many ways at so many different times. It always sounds something like “God where were you when…?” “If only you were here when…?” “Were you asleep when…?” “Where was your God when…?” “But lord I prayed…?” Can you remember now?… and then they wept. Jesus too wept.
Now if you’ve read that scripture you, unlike the sisters know why Jesus didn’t come immediately, he knew what the sisters and onlookers didn’t. That this sickness was so that God would be glorified. Someone told me that sometimes God has got to strip you of your old glory so that when he glorifies you properly, oh boy… imagine lazarus and his family after he rose up from death. Testimony upon testimony and as per the rest of the world, it was a new height, I mean, so people can die and come back?, that Jesus guy can do that too?… but back to the present… half the time you don’t know what God is up too in your life. All those experiences and times when it may feel like you’ve prayed and prayed, gathered people to help you pray even and it seems like yet no answer, and then it’s like God where are you. It may have even been a past experience and the memory makes you want to ask, “Lord did you actually just sit back and watch that thing happen to my family, friend, or myself like that? but Jesus do you know that if you had been there it wouldn’t have happened?” This is an early year reminder that honestly everything happens for a reason and as a child of God your life stands to glorify him. Never limit God to the realities of your situation. Put faith into action.


Even when Martha didn’t understand, she believed and based on that belief she saw the glory. Understand that God hears our prayers, he’s always there, very aware of the situation at hand, feeling that pain you felt or are feeling, knowing that the plans he has for you are of good and not evil, to bring you to an expected end. Just like Jesus never let those his friends that he loved down is the same way he won’t let you down anytime, remember he loves you too. Just watch God make your life an expression of his glory… take this hint and allow God glorify himself that situation for your good.

Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven
-Matthew 5: 16

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