Let wrap this year up boo😄🎉

Hey… gosh it’s been an eventful and worthwhile holiday period.


Part of the family for Christmas

I’ve had mad fun, met people, rekindled relationships, bonded with people, met the most amazing people, amongst other things.


I’m so blessed this Christmas, just thanking God so much but that’s just been one part of my year. Yes it’s that time of year again when we’re all wrapping it up so therefore… who wants to hear about my 2015? I’d tell you anyways.


Long sigh… 2015 was an eventful year for me. No it wasn’t all wonderful but I had loads of moments worth remembering. In 2015 so many people made my year wonderful. I had so many achievements, my friend and I launched our website, my work got better, it was majorly successful, my mum turned the big 50


I had so many answered prayers, I made amazing friends. I had work opportunities, I had so many great first experiences.
I failed. In places I should not have failed at all. I dragged my feet and was lazy at certain times I shouldn’t have been. I failed for lack of knowing any better and sometimes just for plain foolishness.


I learnt, lessons I was ready to learn and lessons I wasn’t. I got slapped by some hard facts and some easy to swallow ones too, I was pushed to lengths I didn’t want to reach and then surprisingly came out with knowledge I didn’t have before.  
I cried. I remember a day I got hit
By some very bad news. That day went by like a blur for me. I wrote a test and ran through a lot of things in a haze of some sort but well, all things happen for the good of those who love the Lord. And crying isn’t even new sef, that’s like a usual for me.


I saw God. I finally got something I had been wanting for years, and it just involved someone speaking… lol… I struggled with God, a lot. I got angry with him like I hadn’t before and got humbled by him. I laughed with him and danced with him and sometimes I abandoned him and then came back again. He was so constant, always is. I got reminded again of his ever faithful love.
I grew. Sometimes it was by achieving goals I had aimed for, other times the
Growth happened and I didn’t realise till I was told, others till I looked back and saw the change. 


I rejoiced. Omo I have had unending reasons to rejoice this year. Have I already said God has been good? I mean I turned a year older again and all that. I received so many physical and non physical gifts. It was amazeballs.
I lost… sigh. Lost someone who meant so much to me. It made me realise again life is short and appreciating people while they’re here is important. Mrs Awotedu I’d always remember your laugh and I’d laugh right along with it. I lost parts of myself I’d miss and not miss and I also lost things and people.
I achieved goals. I already said this before but really I finally did things
I’ve wanted to do for years or a less period of time like err, give a public testimony or two 😆, publish my poems, go to summer bible school… etc.
I made mistakes. Ones I’d probably have to take to the grave, sadly, but hey, where else would those lessons have come from?
I had mad fun. With friends, family, by myself, during crazy and quiet events, during lonely walks, I had bountiful portions of laughter.
In summary 2015 for me in a capsule was a year of self discovery cause I learnt things about myself I never knew before. Some I loved and some I didn’t like at all. I found a little more of my voice and grew some more spine. It’s been an eventful and wonderful year. I remember how beautiful it was at January and here I am in December thinking of it as beautiful still.
Did it turn out to be what I wanted? No more than yes but the surprises where worth while.
I’m super excited about 2016. For the first time in errr, I can’t even remember, I’m laying out a bucket list for the year and yes I know a lot of what it would consist of, and I’m happy to say I’ve started achieving some sef. I know people are sarcastic about new years resolutions and all considering I am one of them but lets see. I hope with the help of God I’d be ticking of my list this time next year. Pray with me so we don’t have to keep our fingers crossed. So here’s to 2016🍻, may it be the most awesome yet. I have very many expectations of the year ahead and I am confident that the expectations of this righteous girl shall not be cut off.


Who’s excited with me? What was your 2015 like?
Happy new year in advance people… see you soonest.

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