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Hey you, you’ve been awesome yes? Well I have been great myself, thank you. The Christmas season is well, seasonal at my end. So I didn’t intent this post to come this late but due to one thing one thing like that, it’s been sitting in draft. But because Christmas is here already *pauses for shoki interlude*, let’s do this baibee…


I’m back again with another movie😗. Who has watched ‘Syrup’? I thought it was pretty awsome and all of that. Like you should check it out, really. If you don’t like it sha… *lips sealed*. Anywho the movie was about rad stuff, basically branding and how the brand is what matters and not the product. The thing is I always knew that coke played a fast one on me and tricked my brain into believing coke was better than pepsi. I made noise about how I willingly bought into the trick even though I know there’s hardly a difference, so just in case anyone asks coke or Pepsi as concerning me, please purchase coke thank you :). But back to the point, Syrup just helped me build my argument that it wasn’t the product… really it’s never the product, it is and has always been the brand. The better the brand, the better the product… or so we are made to believe.
I mean, it applies to everything. No
Matter how many dupes a girl can find for a mac lipstick, the actual mac lipstick is still the ish and it’s more expensive than the duplicate, but hey its mac man, just sush already. And please name the line of product and realise that mostly you buy the brand not the product, who remembers when omo was the reigning brand of detergent in Nigeria? Not that others didn’t do the work oh, but omo did it better, and when closeup had its moments too… lol… you can maybe argue that we had less choices then but I beg to differ, we just had less others using great advertisements to buy market. Even now when we have options we still lean towards our brand of choice, if I see sunlight detergent, nothing will make me buy another, in fact I must have exhausted my options before I settle for less, when in fact omo could have as well done the job, don’t judge me😑. When it comes to such things as cleaning agents, beauty products and the ultimate, food, please scratch quality of the list in your mind cause when you get down to the nitigrity, most of us buy the brand. That’s why gala has survived all these years, and let’s not even talk about indomie.
One very interesting fact about a brand is, once it’s been established it pours value on the said product. It really doesn’t matter what they used to make the product or how it was made, they will just make it sound fancy, and because it belongs to so and so brand we would just agree and buy. That is how Gucci will tell you the bag was handstitched and bam another 100k on top and we will just follow as if the people that graduated from fashion school cannot do it too. I don’t want to hear material has cost or gist of experience, I know, but the brand costs more. It doesn’t matter how grotesque the dress looks, it was made by so and so therefore it has worth. Period.
So why all this brand and worth gist yes? Isn’t it obvious yet? A lot of times we humans go about looking for what to use in branding ourselves, what brand we belong to, something by which we ought to gain worth from. In the world we live in today our choices are endless. They range from our friends, to our spouses, to what we wear, the ‘thing’ we identify with be it our race, skin tone, political view, religion, whatever it may be. We walk around gathering brands and building our “worth”, creating what we refer to as an identity. My questions are these, is it ever enough? What are your brands? and How much are you worth?
It’s Christmas again and in all my excitement I was just thinking about how special this season is to me and how Jesus was born and all that and I realised that that simply meant that it was so to speak the establishment of his branding process on earth for me. God started the final touches of my redemption plan that faithful day when baby Jesus cried his first. Because of Christmas he could die for me on the cross and give me the priceless opportunity to be branded a child of God. This brand means that I am worth nothing less than the death of Christ. My own lord and personal saviour. Sitting in my chair typing this I feel so incredibly humbled. Honnays I don’t know about y’all but my brand means I’m worth dieing for, that’s more than all the money in all the bank accounts in the world. Christ knew my worth and he deemed it affordable irregardless of anything so he just went ahead and paid my price. Guess what?  He also paid yours too so if you haven’t accepted his free gift of salvation don’t let this moment pass you by, brand yourself too. Say this prayer with me:
“lord Jesus, I admit I’ve sinned. I know that you came to die for my sins on the cross. I ask for your forgiveness and that you come into my life as my lord and saviour. Thank you you for your saving grace. Amen.”
For all of us now walking branded,
High five. This is a Christmas reminder that as far as this world is concerned, you’re priceless. Because of Jesus you’re of insurmountable worth cause he branded you by his blood on the cross. Don’t you let the world buy you for less. Remember to walk branded this Christmas. Happy holidays.

Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people
– luke 2:10

Ps: do me a favour and check out thank me later.

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