Honnay I’m gonna be great!!!

Hey you?  Here’s a question for you, do you want to be great?  This girl right here knows she wants to be.
So I was listening to my mum few days back and while she preached she said something like “I always knew I was going to be great, I didn’t know how but I knew I’d be in the limelight.” My first reaction was to laugh and in my head I was just like “such pride though.” But it got me thinking. Only God knows why she was so convinced of herself but in that sentence I could hear aspiration and determination. She was talking about how all great people she saw on TV including her dad who was her hero smoked so since she was going to be great, it was eminent she start smoking (her logic though… sigh). Well she never lived her smoking dream, bless God. But do you realise that she was so determined to be and sure she’d be great that she was about to do all she thought it took? How determined are you? did you notice also that she was about to direct her determination in the wrong way? Thank God for Jesus. But she’s a great woman now, hence I can make it, so can you.
Anywho later I was watching “Exodus: God’s and kings,” (it’s a cool movie, check it out. If you don’t like it I didn’t say anything) and I noticed that Rameses, Moses’ step brother who became king was a great man, I mean he ruled the empire of the world as at the time, he had monuments, power, riches and his name remained in history forever, not just among those who ruled Egypt but as a bible character. You can’t tell the story of Moses or the children of Israel without him, You can’t explain the history of salvation without him, he was pretty great I’d say, and there are many like him too. Check out Ahab and wife Jezebel, or Haman and their many counterparts, they all made history. But there’s a catch.
Do you realise that they were all popular in their time, they were  all celebrated by people, they lived the good life, yet at the end not one of them had a story of their own. Not one. Please if you find in historical archives notify me. All their greatness and at the end of the day God carefully used them to tell other people’s stories. So this and that person stood against -insert God’s persons name- and at the end God prevails. End of story. Biko weren’t they great?, didn’t they make history? So why aren’t you aspiring to be one of them?
I know why I’m not if you don’t. I’m not about to let God use me to tell someone else’s story. I want my own. I want to be a Moses and Gideon, an Esther and Ruth. I don’t want to be the less-great-but-still-made-the-cutoff in the background, I want to be the woman whose faith travailed, who refused to give up, who heard the voice of God and changed direction, who didn’t let the devil get the last laugh because why should he be laughing at all? This is not a funny something.
Honey where are you directing your greatness too? Because I have learnt in this world there is great and there is great. Pick your great well. If you are on team “Jesus-great” then get off your bum right now and put on the whole armour of God, cause this is pretty much a fight, and through it all we need to stand, stand very still and let the world know that he is God.
Happy new week lovers…  

Coming to him as to a living stone, rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious
– 1 Peter 2:4

6 thoughts on “Honnay I’m gonna be great!!!

  1. I luv dis post n I certainly don’t want to help write someone else’s story, I want to be my own great -Esther n Ruth etc. Wow be redefined! Patsy this really went home n i’m sure many other people will be touched. God is brewing sumtyn real hot in Patsy!

  2. This is a very great writeup. It just gave me the ginger to start my week on a great note. I pray God gives us all the strength to stand after all is said and done. God bless u Patsy

  3. I never thought of it this way, but bless you, cause am one of those people who require motivation to do things, and this serves as one. It’s a great post & I look forward to the rest.👏👏

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