I learnt a lesson 2

Hello you? How have you been? Tell me you missed me, cause I missed you too…
My busy holiday finally came to an end 😭😭😭… yes I enjoyed it that much. It was AWSOME, but hey its another semester yea? I feel how great it’s gonna be already. But anywho I’m back with another poem. So for those who said they wanted the first poem completed till ten well I did my best. I hope you love it again. If you haven’t seen the first part it’s in my previous personal post. So here it is

I learnt a lesson
I learnt six
I learnt it’s mostly the heart that speaks
The things the mind often seeks
But never listening gives us our fix

I learnt a lesson
I learnt seven
I learnt the cards never play even
The things on you often engraven
Never worth the shame being hidden

I learnt a lesson
I learnt eight
I learnt the question forever is fate
Who indeed holds the slate          
To what standard we ought to rate

I learnt a lesson
I learnt nine
I learnt it’s in truth we often find shine
But the lie we all claim be mine
The scar in the end be fine wine

I learnt a lesson
I learnt ten
I learnt the fear behind the pen
That even paper can be a den     
But yet the journey is spelt learn

So in the the end
I leant a lesson
Only but one
That the answer sometimes is fun       often times the race never run
But in all the chance is mostly one

…By the way expect my next post in the #hello fear series… coming soonest.

But if I pray in an unknown tongue, mu spirit prayeth, but my understanding is unfruitful
– 1 corinthians 14:14

4 thoughts on “I learnt a lesson 2

  1. this is beautiful, the rhyme scheme is beautifully placed to give somewhat lyrical touch… I most especially like the “…i learnt the fear behind the pen… “, it reveals truly your understanding and boldness to come out of the closet. keep it up Patsy!

  2. Awwn Patsy this means a lot! By the way I want a poem please. Facing your fears is the first step to greatness n bby u v just placed ur landmark! Beautiful speed up the height of greatness ( n i’m in d ride jamming up nxt to urs- lol)!!! Impeccable!!!

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