On Feminism, Lions, Cats and Crocodiles..

Still Waters..

I do not identify as a feminist.


The philosophy of my life does not permit me to do that.

And I will tell you why.

Feminism is an argument that defeats itself even before it starts.

It makes the male species the standard of equality and excellence.

Such that women have to “fight” to be equal to men.

And I say a resounding NO.

I am not equal to a man.

That would be way below what the creator intended for me.

I am equal to the 4.5 billion cells in my brain.

I am equal to its processing speed of millions of bits of information per second.

I am equal to being anything I want to be in this world.

When the United Nations carefully hand picked 15 university students from across the globe to sit on its highest committee at the youth conference of 2011, and I…

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