I’m coming out of the closet 😆😆

Hello lovers… this is not really a much planned post but who cares right? ?
By the way my summer is over :'(:'(:'(… sigh…
Anywho guess what’s up with me? I’m releasing my writings to the public, and by writings I mean Poems. Okay I know it doesn’t seem like such a big deal to you but let me explain that it’s a huge deal to me. I’ve written poems for as long as I remember but I never ever showed anyone… my writings meant so much to me and so it scared me to let people see them for reasons like what if people didn’t like them?  And what if they read my thoughts?… hmmmn have I mentioned how blessedly shy I am… but guess who’s getting bolder by the day?
As the years went by one human made me her business and bugged me untill I finally pulled out a poem for her (after she bullied me into singing my songs for her), God bless you where ever you are right now 🙏🙏, anywho one poem turned into two and soon they spewed out of my mouth too. Years later the process repeated itself with another someone and he would even make me explain them. To cut the long story short this second someone made me think I had something worth putting out there so here I am after months of gathering momentum 😁😁 ready to post my poems. Have I already mentioned this is a big deal to me?
Well I don’t expect you to be impressed but I hope you find something pleasing to your eyes and mind as you read them as they come. For now here’s one titled I LEARNT A LESSON…

I learnt a lesson
I learnt two
I learnt good things sometimes turn out blue 
I learnt one and one mostly equals two
But one sometimes, when the exception is you

I learnt a lesson 
I learnt three
I learnt that sometimes wishes aren’t meant to be 
I learnt the world could turn around for me
I learnt sometimes me has to be we

I learnt a lesson 
I learnt four
I learnt that some days you need to ask for more
I learnt that there are moments that hit you at the core
I learnt that there are mornings we wake up sore

I learnt a lesson
I learnt five
I learn it makes one happy to dance a jive 
I learnt that instances make one alive
I learnt that that is the feeling we try to revive.

Patsy Pasom Mokungah ‎
@_pahtcee ‎

Watch this space for more…

God hasn’t given me the spirit of fear but one of power , love, and a sound mind….

10 thoughts on “I’m coming out of the closet 😆😆

  1. Wow! A new day has come. I’m very impressed with your writing. You’re a natural. Your lifestyle inspires me so much. Keep being you and of course continue writing.

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