But Lord I’m scared: temporary pain

Hello,  hope you had a great week… mine was long and beautiful.
Cutting right to the point I plan to do a mini series on fear. Hoping in the process to learn more about it and share whatever it is I learn with you guys. I hope it spans out well.    
So today it’s something about temporary pain and fear. Recently I had the chance to be with my nephew while he was undergoing treatment at the hospital. I think it’s good to note that I cannot in anyway stand seeing anyone in pain, worse someone I love, and gosh do I love this little boy. Seeing him in pain simply stripped my of my ability to think straight and shed  a whole new light on the word empathy for me cause I felt that pain in my bone marrow and beyond. There and then I decided I cannot hold my kids down for any medical treatment  that involved them feeling pain because it might drain me of everything and my brother kept on laughing at me. I couldn’t help but wonder how he could hold down his own son while the boy wailed cause someone was about to break the surface of the boy’s  skin with a sharp object. His simple explanation was that he’d much rather endure the boy crying for this temporary  pain to get better than letting him nurse the problem and encounter a bigger and  more painful experience. I thought about it for a while and it reminded me of something I had just done recently  that led to bigger pain. I enjoyed something  I should have stopped for a short while and it led to me loosing something much bigger. Worse off was the fact that I didn’t stop it cause of fear… well hello fear.
Fear has been such a familiar friend to me over the years… talk about limiting, it just stops you for nothing. Really absolutely nothing. You know when they say fear is false appearance looking real, they meant serious business…
Whoever ‘they’ might be… just keep in mind that it is false and it is going to appear very real, most times because we cannot see the reality of the future,  even in those few moments when reason tells you this might just end up badly but just a little endurance might change it for the better.
Fear has a way of making you very comfortable with temporary pleasure… it is simply initial gra gra as I choose to call it. You may want to wonder how it does this,  that’s simple,  it looks for the surest way to negate your faith and pulls out all false appearances. It takes the blessed time to find a comfortable spot in your emotions and then exergerates the situation just enough to cause doubt… you know, the how can I not do it? Am I sure there will be a tomorrow? But I feel this way now? But I need to secure this thing now or else? And my personal favourite… what would people say? Somehow it all lands with “let me
Just do it”. *sigh*. Allow me to pause here and tell you that YOUR EMOTIONS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING,  at least anything of importance. Ever heard of the Esau syndrome? No? Check somewhere in  Hebrews 12: 16 -17. This is but but a shade of it. That poor guy let his emotions tell him that if he did not eat now like this… all hell will break loose and that meant it was worth sacrificing anything… ANYTHING fa… guess what he’s anything turned out to be? Alot of the time we have no idea what our “anything” might turn out to be and a lot of the time it ends up to be something of value, in fact a lot of the time it turns out to be that “anything” we were trying to keep in the first place. So we enjoy the now, the initial pleasure.
Almost in every aspect in life we are taught that little sacrifices today make tomorrow a much better place… go to school today, save a little today, don’t drink today, don’t do drugs today, hold body today, pray a little today for tomorrow to be better, but we can trust our emotions to question reason,  my worst question is that what if you don’t have tomorrow? Please what happens if you do?  And what happens if tomorrow comes and you lost anyway? … don’t believe that false appearance, ask God what is real and real often takes patience and discipline, it often takes us clearing our heads and seeing the situation for what it is and not what we feel it is.
Today I ask you what that temporary pleasure is and why you are afraid to let it go? Don’t let fear cheat you out of a future, more permanent pleasure. A little patience never hurt no one.

Hey future baby,
I promise to hold you down for that doctors appointment.
Even if I shed a tear or two.
I hope it be vaccines and not medicine. You might cry too
but it’s only cause mummy loves you…

To obey is better than sacrifice
– 1 Samuel 15:22

6 thoughts on “But Lord I’m scared: temporary pain

  1. nice piece.. . very relevant and often neglected topic. the end justifies the means this pain of today is for tomorrow’s gladness

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