I too have a genie:)

Holy spirit
He is a spirit quite alright, a supreme being, allow me to say “my genie”
If you watched the cartoon Aladdin i’m sure we can relate well with this.
My genie doesn’t grant just 3 wishes, the list of what he can do is endless. He is our supplier from heaven. He’s all powerful and awesome, you see my Genie doesn’t live in a golden lamp, instead he lives in our heart, remember when God breathed in us, he’s been there since then and even time before. You don’t summon my Genie by rubbing the lamp, he is everywhere and the best part is he reveals unknown things to us
My Genie fights every zafar(enemy) without your approval, He gives us this really beautiful magic carpet( that’s his power and inspiration in us) so we can move from place to place unharmed and with ease. Protects our Abu(friends) and raise us up to high places where we are able to wine and dine with sultan( kings)
Our Genie is faithful, he wouldn’t need you to set him free, you actually need him to be truly free from sin, he is aswonderful

free can be. Our Genie ( the holy spirit) will give us all of our heart’s desire( jasmine). Genie will not turn against you and even when we as humans tend to fall short sometimes, he will wait patiently, he is very patient too, he won’t revenge or try to turn on us by settling with the enemy.
Our genie, the holy spirit is pure, holy, faithful, meek, mighty, and all you need do is trust him and love him in a really special way, not the way you love your parents or lovers and so on but a love that you can’t get enough of, the I can’t breath without you kind of love
He takes care of hidden things but the revealed things he gives us to comprehend or understand he let’s us handle it, he doesn’t overpamper, he strengthens us, Deuteronomy 29:29 confirms this
Our genie teaches us the true way to love, the love of God as seen in Ephesians 5:1-2
And finally the holy spirit, my genie………reveals what and who we truly are to us as seen in John 1:13
Its really not so hard to receive the holy spirit, the apostles and disciples delayed in receiving because they didn’t realize it so to say and they sort of wanted a very dramatic something, I mean Jesus breathed in them in John 20:22, but they didn’t receive believe enough to harness the power until Acts 2…..it really doesn’t have to be dramatic……just call on Him with all your heart, he’s closer than you think and he’s readily available for all who want him…..He is gentle and wouldn’t need you to start gesticulating for you to know that he’s with you and in you…..He is peaceful and wonderful
I pray that as we open our minds and hearts to him, he’ll come into our lives and settle and begin to oversee every single affair of our lives in Jesus name. Amen
#thinkingoutloud……Holy spirit, my Genie…

By Olayinka Ali http://www.olayinkaaliblog.wordpress.com check it out…

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