Welcoming the Summer…

Hello readers, guess who’s back?. I totally missed you all too. been a while. in that ling while i was busy having that busy semester i talked about in my last post. Gosh it was eventful. So much so i didn’t know when the months flew by and it was vacation already, but it was something of a beautiful semester. The activities where wonderful and the downsides worked together for my good. I cant begin to pen them all down cause God knows i won’t be able to really remember everything but where gist falls i would drop it.

I keep praying to become a more diligent blogger but life and my laziness seem to stand firmly in the way, but i seriously strive for repentance. Asides all that the summer (although we all know there is barely any such thing as a summer in Nigeria) has begun in full swing for me and due to unforeseen circumstances I’m already almost a week behind minor plans. By his grace i would catch up soon.

Well here is to welcoming a summer that seems to be bursting over the seams with things to accomplish already. I hope to keep us all well informed… oh yes I am doing my chambers attachment and it turned out to not be all I hoped but I have a feeling what it is much better than what I had hoped for. WATCH OUT for my next two posts. they are well overdue and i hope they bless you all. See you soon.

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