Please Practise the act of judging 😐😑😶

Hey you, something occurred to me and i thought, ‘I should put this down’. So I’m dropping it here for we.
So about this life we live, God knew about all our many little struggles so he placed a lot of reminders here and there in the bible amongst which is the famous do not judge reminder. Every single day of our lives we get multiple opportunities to judge people time and again. Like the chances just abound; at the workplace, school, home, church, social gatherings, etc, and it is pretty sad that the devil can be confident in the fact that we would always indulge.
I wonder what it would do to us if we where able to hear people judge us on a continuous basis. I like to imagine the many walls of self defence we would so effortlessly erect, the dwindling of our painfully put together self esteem, the pile of negative energy we would put into counter judgements and the not so stainless competition to be the better one that would erupt.  It would be epic yes?, most of all I believe it would make some people step up and be better but worse off it will fill us with so much shame for all our acts.              
Should you not be ashamed for a bad act? Of course you should… I mean what’s your conscience doing there but let’s not loose focus. What drew my attention to this topic is the very negative effect it tends to have on our attempts at evangelism. I mean the very direct negative effects that happen after we have gone out there to propagate the gospel and the Lord blesses our effort and the kingdom of God is further expanded ie people give their lives to Christ. After this happens, of course we all have sinned (and are still sinning) and have fallen short of the glory so of course our new converts have their old skeletons in the closet and while the church tries to build these people’s
Faith and what not there is always the effective act of those who can’t help but be judgemental to negate all these efforts. You know now, those people in the congregation whispering “what is that one doing in church, she can’t even claim Christian oh. I know her story” and “you mean he is a church worker, that’s hypocrisy. I know him as a womaniser” and so on and so forth. Then they just in the long run help in pushing these people right back to where they came from or for those who have fighting power, being in the church now becomes a fighting to survive experience. That’s pretty sad.
The saddest thing is most times we have logs in our own eyes. I believe if we mind our business most times we would be more likely to eradicate this happening.  And by mind our business I mean pay mind to our business, like really practise the act of judging, on ourselves Evaluate ourselves and remove all the non positive things we find. This should help us and even the people around us cause they would have less to judge you know. So its a win win situation. I mean isn’t the thought already appealing to you?
Let me just stop here and go start minding my own business… have a great week.

Let no one despise your youth; instead,  you should be an example to the believers in speech,  in conduct,  in love,  in faith,  in purity.
-1 Timothy 4:12

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