My Ultimate Primer😗

But no my blog can’t be having cobwebs like this😣… well in the spirit of self defence my semester has been hectic so far but I plan (seriously) on stepping up my game. So pray for me🙏. Thank you.

So a little while back my friend led me into the discovery of this primer that keeps your makeup in check for like forever, by the way a makeup primer is meant to keep your makeup on longer and help it withstand well, all natural and artificial elements that are bound to come at you like sweat.

For wandering females it’s the famous Milk of Magnesia. That thing conquered my oily face and particularly my nose (trust me this is the best reference you can get). Yes it’s bad like that. But that’s not the issue here. The issue is the fact that my primer tends to remind me of God.

The thing I came to notice that the primer isn’t necessarily magic, it doesn’t take the oil on your face away, it doesn’t even stop your face from producing oil, it kinda just contains it.

Whenever I wear my primer and then slap a whole face of makeup on it I go out knowing that my face is gonna look matte for practically the whole day but then I feel my facial pores producing oil underneath my foundation and I begin to worry about whether or not I look like a pot of oil just yet.  I mean it doesn’t matter that this primer has helped my makeup withstand oil before, or bothering amounts of sweat due to unbearable heat on other days, I’m still gonna doubt it until I can snap a mirror out of somewhere and calm my nerves with the realisation that my makeup looks almost a good as it did when I put down my powder brush.

I mean I never have a reason to doubt, but as long as I’m not constantly looking at my face in a reflecting object I’m gonna worry about its tendency to get oily and doubt my primer.

Don’t I just remind you of all of us in our daily lives, always doubting God’s ability to hold it all together even tho we think or feel like it’s all falling apart?. I mean, God is not about to let you down. The fact that you can’t see the bigger picture right now doesn’t mean anything is wrong although it feels that way. I     mean just like the primer, having faith in God does not mean that the problems won’t show up, or that they will automatically dissappear if they do, but it simply means that even when they do God will hold everything together and at the end it will all work out for your good.

Remember all those times he held it together before?, why on earth do you fathom he will fail you on this particular day, at this particular moment, situation, for this very problem?. He simply won’t. He hasn’t been proven to fail, he simply can’t.

So just like me, trust that after that very long day, the smiles, oil, sun, sweat, hugs, shoves, brushes, and all of that,

When you finally stumble into your bedroom all tired and what not. When you look into the mirror, your makeup is gonna look good. Maybe not as fresh as it was at the beginning of the day, but beautiful all the same…

Make God your life’s primer, build all on him, then trust him to hold it all together cause he sure will.

4 thoughts on “My Ultimate Primer😗

  1. Sometimes, in the face of challenges, it is really hard to just let him do his thing and just build on him even though we know his promises are sure and he always got our backs in everything that comes our way. But the sure thing is that he is always there no matter what. Lol… thanks for the timely and encouraging post. Sure, it is soothing to read and be reminded because we humans always need reminders here and there in our lives.

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