There’s nothing better than keeping your relationship with Christ brand new and alive… That’s basically how we get to let him be seen in us. Here’s yet another blog you should all check out….


Hi everyone, I’m olayinka…….I think that is all we should know for now, but then I’ve got something I’ll like to share with us. let us pray, Our father in heaven, how we love you, we thank you for this day, for your son and the for your word and for your understanding in us, and God we pray that you’ll bless us with this and what you are all about will be established and seen in us, in jesus name. Amen.

Now I know most of us have accepted Jesus as “our lord” and “personal saviour” right? yes and we claim to love him with all our hearts but I put it to us that we are decieving ourselves………how? you’ll like to ask, now let me explain , we were not forced into confessing jesus I believe, so if we say he is our lord, why do we still…

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