Nothingness without Love

So here’s another very inspiring writer I know u want to check out… Go get your own blessing cause I got mine already… Have a blessed week 😘😘


Good morning ! 🙂
This is a little something I’ll like to share with us about love. 1corinthians 13:1-3.


I’ll like us to see LOVE as a doing word in this context, that is, a verb.
In essence, love will mean to speak with love, to correct with love, to preach with love, to sing with love, to chat with love … Every and anything should be done with and in love.
Yesterday, I realized how angry I was about some things and people in general. This anger that I had made me speak to such people with such meanness and lack of respect. I was angry I didn’t care if I was hurting anyone’s feelings with the way I spoke.
While I sat down fuming, the Holy Spirit brought this scripture to me, there and then I realized how foolish I have been.
Christ commanded us to Love. Not…

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