Never Broken Enough!!!


Hi lovers… I should have done this post since, and well other posts but they are slowly aligning themselves for we ;).
Some weeks back I came across this amazing picture that explained a lot of things I have at one point or another tried to convince myself of- That being broken can be a good thing.
All of us are gonna be broken by something in this life time, some job experience, something you failed at, someone you lost, something that didn’t work out, people you disappointed or disappointed you, a broken heart, shattered trust, something you always seemed to fall short at achieving… It could be anything, but being broken by something is always a life altering experience. Oh yes its going to change your life forever whether you know it or not.
When these breaking experiences happen to us, most times we have no idea how to handle them because even if we saw them coming, no one told us the effect would be so bad or last so long and then we miss it. Miss it how you might ask, like this in particular; we spend all the time being focused on being broken and how we might never recover from it and how we can never be the same person ever again, and how we miss what we were and so on and so forth. Then we forget that its possible to be fixed which is what we should concentrate on in the first place.

Feeling broken is terrible and pretty messed up but I can tell u it doesn’t last forever unless u make it so. Once you accept the fact that you can be fixed then the question moves on to being the means by which you will get fixed. How you get fixed after being broken matters a lot because it makes u into the person whom u end up being.
The best way I know to get fixed is through Jesus and by the help of the holy spirit, after all he is the reason for which we are able to have hope. If he let you get there, trust me it was for a reason and he will surely bring you out of it whole and even better. Kinda like a broken vase being put back together with gold… You only become worth far much more than before.
There’s never a reason why the unfortunate events in our lives should get the best of us but there’s always a reason for getting up 8 times when we fell 7. And getting up better makes us worth more…
Also remember to thank God for the privilege to be broken, you may not see it now but it has its perks.


Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good
– Romans 12:21

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good
– Romans 12:21

6 thoughts on “Never Broken Enough!!!

  1. Reblogged this on victoriaawodele and commented:
    Hello everyone !
    I especially love this post because just like her , I’ve learned that being broken is a good thing. Sure enough the process might be painful and frustrating and all of that, but the end result is amazing. Picture this, an old building being destroyed in order to erect a building stronger and way more attractive than the former.
    There is purpose in the pain. Purpose in the storm.
    Being broken has made myself and pretty much everyone who has been too, stronger, smarter, wiser and most importantly, closer to God more than ever
    And if you need answers on how to pull through successfully in a season of brokenness, the answers are right here !
    Remember, the stone passes through fire and comes out as gold. We all know how precious and valuable Gold is don’t we ?,
    I was blessed tremendously , I know you will too ! Have a good read !

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