Hello 2015

*clears cobwebs*… Helloooooo 2015, how are you?, I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance….
We seem to be stuck together for the next 12 months so I hope you’d be nice to me like my friend 2014, what? Oh, you’d like to know about her?, well that’s no problem, let me brief you about the span of our friendship.
When we first met I was all about that ‘no new friends business’ so we didn’t hit off well, but when I knew we had to be friends without a choice I welcomed her presence. Our first few months together were a bit tough but once got to know each other things started to look up…. It was a very eventful relationship, she thought me a lot of stuff like if you wait long enough the sun would shine again, how to have stronger faith, she introduced me to a couple amazing people who I’ve grown to love, she finalised the art of happiness with oneself, she sharpened some of my skills ehn and helped me develop new interests. She dragged me out of stuff that I needed to be dragged out of, she gave me priceless experiences and helped me get into loads of trouble, she also somehow brought about new miracles, but most of all she was an experience of walking in the fullness of the blessing…
So that’s all about her for now, as we unfold I’m sure you’d hear more about her… Well 2015 you seem so nice already, I have a good feeling about this… One more thing, I brought a lot of people with me I’d like you to meet, you won’t mind?, that’s great, I’m sure you’d fall in love…
Looks like we’re off to a wonderful start…

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