Hiya sweethearts. So I have resumed and I cannot believe the Nigerian government just sat down and watched me resume like that. I mean with this Ebola epidemic being rampant about the country :'(. I just didn’t want to resume abeg. Is it too much to ask that the government be mindful of my safety since my parents apparently do not care?. Bdw this was the only reason I had to hold on to to not resume so I’m just gonna hug the dear life outta it *inserts defiant face* and blame the government if I fall sick. Enough of my life problems already let’s face what I am here to discuss today.
When I was little I always wanted those magic fairy wands… Well I didn’t get them but these come close -Mascara wands… So every makeup artist out there should already know the beautiful blessings that mascara wands happen to be. Well if you do not know let me educate you a bit. So apart from being that little thing used to apply some colour of or colourless liquid to your eyelashes to make them look either longer or more voluminous or what not, they could also serve as… *dramatic pause*… Spoolies. Just in case someone out there does not know what s spoolie is let me enlighten you. They are a type of makeup brush used when trying to manipulate an eyebrow into immaculate beauty. They are identical to the normal everyday mascara wands apart from the fact that they normally come in a brush set and have extended handles. I personally have not seen any being sold individually. If you love well groomed eyebrows, this brush should definitely be among your best friends and if you don’t have one just keep calm and finish your mascara (assuming you have one) cause once your done with your mascara you can just wash your wand and voila you have a spoolie.
This is a well know way of getting spoolies and it magically saved me recently when I had to do makeup for a pageant and I got there and found out that my spoolie was missing. I panicked a little then remembered that I had an old mascara wand and once I pulled that out, life went on as usual. So appreciate those little mascara wands… They may save u one day n just like me now a few extra bucks later ;). By the way single mascara wand are sold online and in stores everywhere so u can get like ten or so in a pack for a very affordable price.
About the pageant its was very nice and at the whole thing panned out nicely. I didn’t get very good pictures cause my phone battery died and I still don’t have a camera *wonders why* and the ones I have are not good enough to broadcast as professional work so they will stay with me. So for now is basically back to school… Here comes criminal law and the long awaited law of torts. God go before me. Talk to you all soon… :*

It is written, “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”.
– Matthew 4:4

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