I forgot to tell myself, Happy birthday ;)

Who missed me????… Oh I know you did ;). Well while I have not been here I was away adding another year to my life. Oh yes I had a birthday. The 7th of september to be exact. If anyone knows me well then you know I hype birthdays for nothing. So yes I hyped this one too.
My 19th year on earth was very eventful. I am not very sure what the highlights where exactly but amongst all that happened to me where;
* I learnt how to do makeup without going to makeup school. I still have a lot to learn though.
* I participated in a modelling competition in school ( after all my years of mouth about how I would never model… Smh). I didn’t win but I sure caught fun
* God spared my mothers life for me while I had no idea, talk about having my back…
* I somehow miraculously wrote a paper while I was terribly ill and passed it
* I am officially a hairdresser, home and in school so feel free to contact me for you hair needs
* I finally made a milestone decision that was overdue and acted on it
* I made so many new friends
* someone wrote me up as her role model in her grad yearbook (I was so shocked I sat down to reflect about my life. It seriously made me sit up straight in many areas)
* I learnt how to tie gele
* did a refreshers course in bead making
* made a couple of mistakes that I have to take to my grave *sigh*
*my nephew n niece both turned one and I became close to my other four nephews (I should do a post about my day out with dem even)
Choi… The list goes on and on. In short, God showed himself faithful right down to the 11th hour, literally, cause he found me a saloon at the dieing moment. Then to crown it all up he ushered me into my twentieth year with celebration galore. For the benefit of confused souls, I just turned 19 not 20. But right now am starting out my twentieth year on earth with testimonies already. The 7th itself was just one celebration to another cause the church did a thanksgiving service on my mums behalf ( she’s 2nd september) and then I had a last minute mini house party. Sadly I was way to busy and mostly tired to take pictures so I barely have any. But the few I have are here… Did I achieve all I wanted to in the last year?, no. For unavoidable reasons my summer plans got messed up but everything happens for a reason abi? For all those who wished me a happy birthday one way or another, thank you. I love you. Thanks for stopping by… See you soon..

The heavens declare the Glory of God
– Psalm 19:1

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