But warris it now????

This is a call for all presidents and exco’s in all department!
Do what u were voted in for don’t be selfish don’t assume that cos Ur not in 200 level u won’t fight for them.. This pple voted u in with trust don’t betray it do what u were voted in to do. U re d mouth piece of Ur department don’t be voiceless in the time of need if u do not put out d fire now it will burn all of us.. As a concerned 300level law student I am calling u to stand up and speak today.
2011- fees was 771,000
2012- they paid similar and fresher’s paid 971,000.
2013- fresher’s paid above 1,000,000
And old students paid 975,000
this year we Ve 3 fees category..
This is a cruel joke.
This is all a means of making all others feel good about themselves and letting 200level suffer alone.
But they won’t succeed.
I will not let this happen I will fight with them.. Everyone that gets this message should take it as a call. We should rise and fight with them.. Post it on Facebook, twitter,blogs,bbm,whatsapp everywhere tell everyone.. We can’t suffer in silence.. LSS,AMSA,EVERYONE ARISE TODAY AND COMBAT THIS GROSS MISCONDUCT… IT IS A VERY VERY UNFAIR MOVE AND WE WON’T WATCH IT..

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