Good Change, Bad Change

So while I am about throwing around facts about myself here’s one for the day. I am a proud nail lover. People notice shoes and n shirts n stuff when they first meet people, I notice nails. I have no idea why but I just do. With good nails, you definitely just landed yourself a shortcut to my good side. A while back I had on deep green nail polish. I always assumed it would look bad but it didn’t .
Well let me cut straight to what we are talking about tonight. My nail polish is green šŸ˜€ and green’s the colour of growth and life, but its gonna be for growth here. There are a lot of stuff we need to grow in and a lot of times out of. One of these things is love. A lot of the time we take ourselves and just fall in love with a person and we let that love do so many things to us. Some times those things are good, but other times well…
God in himself is love and when he gave that love to two people he meant it as something special that should be based on himself. But a lot of the time in our imperfection we go and fall for the wrong person, or even the right one but then we get it all wrong by letting the love do wrong things to us (you can trust that lil person they call the devil to try and put sand sand inside perfect garri).
The bible tells us in so many places what love is, patient, kind etc. And your love for a person should reflect these things and not make you sin or change your characteristics negatively. If your love for a person is doing this to you then its probably time you grew either out of that love or in that love into Gods very perfect plan for you.

Whom the Lord loves, He chastens. -Hebrews 12:3-11

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