Some things you just don’t need, amongst which are…

Hey loves… My holiday has just been BUSY so far but lemme just spare you the gory details. I’m Back!!!
So I am bored this evening (can’t remember the last time I could even say that, choi), and I decided to use this time to talk about something I picked a while ago from someone. A lot of us have some people in our lives that we simply need to rid ourselves of, I mean those people who maybe or maybe not once meant so much to you but now the relationship has waned a bit but cause of one reason or the other you just still hold the persons opinion up high. This would be no problem only if the person gives you good advice or holds you in the same esteem but if all that person does with his/her opinion is bring you down, then you have no more business keeping that persons opinion in your life anymore. Just stop asking for it and giving yourself no good reason to doubt yourself. We all need a lot of encouragement all the time, not a person who constantly rains on our parade.
Honestly, some peoples opinions you can totally do without. Surround yourself with people who see only greatness in you. This does not mean that if someone tries to correct you or give you some constructive criticism you should just out the person oh. No. There are those constants that will never say anything good about the things concerning you, ehen, that is what you don’t need. Those ones that your just never good enough for. Biko, you only need to please God and those who matter amongst which is yourself.

As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.
– 1 kings 19:19-21.

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