#TheChurch 1

Originally posted on Ebi Ashidi:
I’m pleased that you came back, and if this your first time here, I’m excited that you dropped by, feel free to take a look at my previous posts i believe they will bless you. I believe that as a people we have misunderstood the true meaning of the church…

Good Change, Bad Change

So while I am about throwing around facts about myself here’s one for the day. I am a proud nail lover. People notice shoes and n shirts n stuff when they first meet people, I notice nails. I have no idea why but I just do. With good nails, you definitely just landed yourself a […]

Some things you just don’t need, amongst which are…

Hey loves… My holiday has just been BUSY so far but lemme just spare you the gory details. I’m Back!!! So I am bored this evening (can’t remember the last time I could even say that, choi), and I decided to use this time to talk about something I picked a while ago from someone. […]