the burning bush (series)

Ebi Ashidi

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by today… I believe the previous post must have been a source of blessing, encouragement and/or an eye opener for you. Well, if you haven’t seen the previous post, check it out, share with your friends and make your comments. See you at the end of this part (leggooo) 🙂

The opening 4 verses of the 3rd chapter of the 2nd book of the (1) bible Exodus (hehehehe see what I did there like a countdown kinda ish?) relay the account of a wonderful experience on the mount of God -Horeb- which birthed the freedom of the children of Israel from captivity of over 400years under the leadership of Moses.

So much has been said about this scripture and so much more will keep being said. This series promises to be interesting and expository.

I’ll try to make to the best of my knowledge…

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