Its Time We Start Talking!

After I impatiently waited for my exams to end so I could blog my life away, they finally ended n three weeks or so have passed and I’m like OMG I have not written any thing *covers face*. Just let me save you my long and boring excuses and jejely apologise. I am sorry for the lack of posts. Thank you.
So, today/tonight I want to talk about something I learnt a short while back from my sister. To help you understand this lesson allow me to do a little explaining.. A lot of us tend to be a bit to ‘okay okay’ with everything, like we fit a bit well into that don’t judge compartment. Don’t get me wrong, we may accept everything and we may also draw lines between acceptable and unacceptable stuff but most of the time with people who are around us, we don’t let them see it. We tend to be passive about it and keep our moral codes just to ourselves. I mean if we are doing right by God, people might change by just seeing us yea? Plus there’s that part of the bible that says we should not judge and all that, and then again if we push away the ‘sinners’ how do we spread the gospel?
There’s a little truth to all of that but then again let’s not just turn unnecessary things into excuses to shy away from responsibility. Responsibility you may ask, yes responsibility. Its our responsibility as christians, friends, family and even members of the society to correct wrongs and to stir people in the right direction. But let me not digress.
The gist with my sister was about something I had done wrong and I simply needed to tell somebody. She stunned me a bit in the way she handled the situation in that she affirmed the fact that what I did was wrong and I should in fact not have done it at all but she didn’t sound one bit judgemental, harsh or degrading. I still felt bad about the said occurrence but not justified about it, plus I had shared my problem with someone and she helped me realise what I should have done instead.
A lot of the time when we do something wrong we want to be justified for it, not corrected, and also a lot of the time when people come to us we do not correct them or at least affirm what they do is not right, we instead end up justifying them and helping them feel right about what they did wrong. This where we need to take a stand as to what is morally right or wrong. We can help people without being judgemental or passive about the wrong they are doing. We need to affirm to certain wrongs and correct them or at least help the person know that it is wrong. No it is not imposing your views on a person, its simply taking a ‘soft’ stand for something or else trust me u will soon fall for anything.
People can learn from watching you, but sometimes what they see are the things you say yes or no to outwardly and not in your inner thoughts.

For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth Speaks
Mathew 12: 34b

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