Pasom’s Closeth | Rocking the 50’s

So finally I am gonna start doing outfit posts. I’ve always been a fashion lover. I am not just one of those girls that wants to wear what in at the moment, I want to take the elements from what new and in and create something uniquely mine (at least this is what my head tells me). As you would learn with time I love love loveeee colours, but unfortunately am a law student so at least 4 days out of 7 am strictly in neutrals. Corporate neutrals for that matter, smh. I know it can be awesome and sexy but after 3 whole months of the same routine it starts to get a bit boring.
Any who, I still wear the rainbow on my back whenever I can. This outfit I planed on and off over a span of like two weeks, anticipating the moment I would stab singing in the choir and would not have to robe in the choir uniform (my only reserve about being in the choir but my love for singing surpasses all). The original plan was to use a fuchsia camisole along with the outfit but my friend preferred the cream and I realised her idea was better cause there would have been way too much pink.
The concept didn’t start out as old school but by the time the pieces where put together, the jacket, the pearls and the hair, it was a classic 1950’s outfit with a little of my spice and brought all the way into the 21st century. So here we go…

And the last picture is a group selfie taken by me and my friend for a selfie competition ( we didn’t win tho 😥 *wipes tear*)

Jacket: bought for me by a pretty friend of mine
Camisole: can’t even remember where I bought it. Had it for a while now though
Skirt: Bought by my mum. Totally in love with it. Kinda just a long skater skirt. The folds are amazing
Shoes: Given to my by my best friend.
Pearls: bought at a store in my home area. Can’t remember the name.

Eyes: Cream smokey eye with a little shimmer and a winged eyeliner
Cheeks: blush in rose pink
Face: MAC studio fix in NW45
Lips: Fuchsia lip liner and lipstick
Brow: cannot remember

Sorry for the lack of details in the makeup, it was a few weeks back and I can’t really remember what went down that morning. Thanks loves :*

I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made
– Psalm 139: 14

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