my addiction

People so today or tonight (depending on where you are, its night here) am gonna be spilling my beans on a very interesting topic: Addiction.
The key question is this; what are you addicted to?
Okay in 100 level I noticed something which is (in my fully blown out assumption) that among the things being in a private university does to you, one of the top on the list is that it makes you take a lot of drinks. Calm down am just talking about normal soft drinks and beverages. Okay its not totally an assumption cause I asked my friend in another school and he affirmed it. I know that’s just one person but that’s one person enough. Sha sha, the thing is this it just starts small small, like at first you just find yourself buying a drink any time you want to have a meal then it grows to the point where u want something liquid with sugar in your mouth anytime you want to put something in your mouth, even small biscuit sef. The bad thing is just that you don’t notice.
What made me notice is that my mother has this way of regulating how much drinks we have (she claims if she doesn’t we would end up with diabetes and all drunks) by keeping them and we can’t touch them until we ask her. Over the years the rules have slackened but they are still there and you have to ask even though you know she would say yes. The whole ish was that I was now asking her for a drink everytime I wanted to eat. I think I noticed cause of how much permission I was taking. So I told my friends at the beginning of the next semester and we all decided to drink more water or I think we did. This lasted for a couple of weeks and we where all back to our normal routines. That was like a year ago. ( Jesu, I don dey university reach the point where I fit say a year ago inside, na to begin dey plan graduation be that). The whole point is that I just again realised how much I take drinks so again am trying (hopefully more seriously now) to drink more water. All that amount of chemical is definitely bad for a person, and please do not say that drinks have water cause most of them just have carbonated water which is still bad for you.
Now to link it with the topic addiction, I started this whole water thing today and in my usual drastic way decided to go without a drink for the whole day. My brothers and sisters, it is hard ohhhh. It all started with excuses about how I should procrastinate and not start today for some careless reasons, then I decided I must start today. The next level started with my brain going between ‘Pasom you can’t make it’ and ‘abeg jor I can do this’. I didn’t have any breakfast (as usual) so that was how I made it through the morning. Then I went for my paper and oh the struggle not to buy a drink with my breakfast/lunch meal. Somehow I made it through that. But all I wanted was some sugar infused liquid in my system but I was gonna fight it through. By evening I went for praise team meeting and by this time I had convinced myself that I wanted ice cream and that I deserved to spoil myself a little. It took like ten whole minutes for me to realise that this was my body’s way of redirecting my thoughts to satisfy my need for sugar. I know that I sound very dramatic right now but honestly, I knew all I wanted was sugar that I didn’t need. Anyhow, my friend and I somehow found ourselves in the hostels drink shop this evening and by seeing the inside of that fridge I broke and bought one caprisonne ( it is small nah). At least I got this far. Can we all now see that this is an addiction????, cause to me it sounds like what happens to deprived addicts.
My dears oya all ye that drinketh as much as I do check yourself. That sugar is bad for you and if you don’t exercise like I do it is just accumulating somewhere waiting to make you regret it in the future.
So you may not be addicted to soft drinks and beverages like me, it may be something else like food or snacks, or shoes, or maybe even beauty products. Or it may be something that your ashamed to talk about, just quietly join me in this our addiction struggle and let’s work on ourselves. For those who want to share (and help me feel better about myself) please feel free to comment your addiction below. Stay positive.

Psalm 1: 1
-Blessed is the man walks not in the counsel of the ungodly.

2 thoughts on “my addiction

  1. Lol….nice tho…i liked it…it actually thought of wat u said and i realised dat i have tins dat am addicted to…tym to change some tins in ma lyf

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