Updates on Addiction | Birthday alert

Hey people, so now that I’m resting from my three hour paper *whew*, am taking out time to update you all on what’s up with me. Oya about my addiction to drinks, I’ve been taking it pretty seriously and guess what?, I made it all the way since yesterday till this evening without a drink […]

Pasom’s Closeth | Rocking the 50’s

So finally I am gonna start doing outfit posts. I’ve always been a fashion lover. I am not just one of those girls that wants to wear what in at the moment, I want to take the elements from what new and in and create something uniquely mine (at least this is what my head […]

my addiction

People so today or tonight (depending on where you are, its night here) am gonna be spilling my beans on a very interesting topic: Addiction. The key question is this; what are you addicted to? Okay in 100 level I noticed something which is (in my fully blown out assumption) that among the things being […]