Things I’d rather do than School work

So I have a test today by 1:00pm, and I was told about this test over a week ago by my lecturer. But I didn’t read, you know why?, cause “I had time”, so the whole week ran by and some how I didn’t study. I did not also do my group work, I knew of for the whole week till the morning of submission, which made me 25 minutes late for my class that morning and further made the lecturer pick me to answer the assignment questions given to my group the previous week which I also completely forgot to study until the night before when I decided it was to late to study anyway or do the group work so I slept :D. Thank Jesus for friends who are serious enough to do their school work and of course to my ever alert brain that could piece up their work together in a matter of minutes (no cocky-ness intended), I scaled through that one hour blissfully.
Any who, I honestly cannot tell you where that “time” I had went to but the issue is that am sitting in class by 11:02am, with roughly 2 hours to my test and I barely know anything. Yet here I am blogging. Truth be told, I have tried (although it was just last night), and failed to read. It is just sooooo hard. All I have been able to do is compile a list of things I would rather do than my school work:
1. Make someone’s hair
2. Do someone makeup
3. Daydream
4. Read books (hard copy and online)
5. Gist with my friends
6. Stare at the wall
7. Kill ants in my room
8. Look for modelling outfits
9. Surf the net for stupid stuff
10. Download songs and compulsorily listen to them
11. Download videos and tutorials and watch them
12. Dance around my room
13. Dance around my room
14. Stare outside my window waiting for my crush to pass
15. Watch a movie
16. Look for food I don’t already have and eat it slowly
17. Make a drink
18. Clean my room
19. Lament on how much laundry I have to do and then not do it
20. watch musicals on my laptop
22. Write parts of my book
23. Iron my clothes
24. Open the books (finally) and stare blankly at them
25. Stare at the way the fan intricately turns around
26. Go and check if my friends have read ( which they have)
27. Then lament about it
28. Read blogs
29. Write poems
This is just some of them though. I hope am not the only ‘bad’ student out there. Feel free too comment what you would rather do than school work. Let me go and further try to read. I hope I pass (fingers crossed).


4 thoughts on “Things I’d rather do than School work

  1. Reblogged this on sheknowsshewrites and commented:
    this is hilarious!!truth be told, there’s a lot of the items on her list that i know i would have mentioned as well. it would be really great if y’all would visit her blog to encourage her and all of that. thank you, loves. xoxo

  2. No jugdement luv but u really should be reading at least ur bk 2 blogging I suppose I have myself 2 thank 4 that 😉

  3. Patsy…lots of tins i’d rather do dan school work…too many to mention…..really like ur blog,i’ll find time to be checking it out…thumbs up!!!

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