This i wrote a long while back… Morning people.

Funny how much bad we can get to seeing in a person. Y’know, those times when you meet a person for the first time and they seem ultra fabulous and then you mess it up by staying around them a lot. All of a sudden they loose that ultra-fab and become all shades of annoying.
The thing is, the ultra-fab never really disappears, it just kinda dims out into the background then the awkward moment comes when you have to say something good about the person and its this sudden blankness, like you have to think a lil first before it all comes back. All you’re thinking are the ten million things you could say if the question was opposite. Am guessing this is because you’ve been brooding all this while things you could say or do and haven’t gotten the time to say all this out yet.
Well maybe we all have this moments (I swear it can’t just be me). Sha the point of all this words is the fact that I think if we made it a point to remember all the ultra-fab stuff. Or even bits of it ever so often it might make the bad stuff ebb a bit, maybe not in ‘those moments’ (if you know what I mean) but at other times. Its gonna eventually come out (referring to all the bad stuff) so make it a little easy for both of you…. Remember a bit
NOTE: this is not some pep talk or shrink like exercise. Just random stuff. 😀


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